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News Flash -
Retirement Announcement:

After 14 years of teaching Kauai's Youth, I will be officially retiring on July 31, 2018. My final class will be held in Waimea on June 2, 2018.  I would like to give my former students and parents my sincere thank you for I am grateful for all the fond memories, laughter, and anxiety we've shared. I will definitely miss teaching, however it's time to start a next chapter in my life with my family and grandchildren...

Me ke Aloha pumehana (with warm hearted love),
Aunty Cherie Wilson Balisacan.

The Wilson Driving School Legacy started in 1978 as KPD Officer John Pancho Wilson taught Drivers Education on his off duty time.  Years later his daughter Cherie Wilson Balisacan established Wilson Driving School in 2004 and become a certified Drivers Education Instructor for the island of Kauai. A few years later she recognized the need of more certified instructors she convinced her brother Randall Ioane Wilson to continue his education and become a Certified Drivers Education Instructor along side her. Many years went by and the dual team taught many island youth safe driving.  However, Randall Ioane Wilson eventually became the County of Kauai Road Test Examiner until November 2017 and could no longer teach along side his sister as you can understand. Nonetheless, Cherie Wilson Balisacan continued teaching Drivers Education till this day.  The Wilson Driving School Legacy lives on from Father - Retired Officer John Pancho Wilson to Brother - Randall Ioane Wilson Former County of Kauai Road Test Examiner to Sister - Cherie Wilson Balisacan, Owner and Operator of Wilson Driving School since 2004.

Cherie Wilson Balisacan

HDOT Certified Driver Education Instructor since 2004